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Company overview
Qingdao Ecopure Filter Co., Ltd. occupies over 20000 square meters and possessing more than 300 employees. The factory is certified with ISO9001 and BSCI. The company develops rapidly with the idea of “surviving with quality, developing with credit” and establishes a production and supply chain from materials to product. We become a professional manufacture of water filtration systems, serving a variety of countries and attribute to popularize the high-quality water filtration products in the filtration field.
Qingdao Ecopure Filter Co., Ltd. now covers four series of products in the field of filtration system for home and business, which are countertop, undersink, whole house and outdoor filtration systems. Products are certificated by authority laboratory in the field of global professional water filtration, including NSF, WQA, IAPMO, TÜV SÜD and WRAS etc. Among them, more than 30 products are certificated against NSF42/53/401/372. Recently, we research and develop many kinds of water filtration systems, among which, Undersink Reverse Osmosis Filtration System is certificated against NSF/FCC/UL etc. and wins 2019 Red Dot Design Award. Water filtration products of other series are launched as well and are popular on the market.

The company owns strong product development power with a R&D team over 20 employees. Facilities in producing are complete. We gather R&D and design talents, value consumers’ experiences, have customized services and attribute to steadily offer varieties of high-quality water filtration solutions for both domestic and abroad customers.
Why us?
Professional quality management system

Ecopure has established a comprehensive quality control procedure, which consistently provides products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. We have passed the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification management system audit, as well as a series of international brands' (such as Amazon, Bestbuy) factory inspection such as BSCI, to ensure the standardization and process operations.
Automatic production lines

Ecopure has a professional design team, advanced factory management and efficient automatic production lines. The accurate, fast and stable flow of production increases

efficiency and reduces the cost of the manufactured products, while reducing operation error and providing a consistent output.
High-quality supply chain system.

Ecopure sources raw materials in accordance with the highest standards of the industry, which a team of experts vets every piece of the materials to ensure it meets those standards by researching ingredients, auditing sourcing practices, and testing products.

We strictly select the world's high-quality materials suppliers, and achieved a long-term and stable cooperative relations. Currently our raw material supplier includes Calgon, toray, dow ect to ensure the stability of supply and enable us to customize the filter materials according to the needs.
R&D Center

Ecopure has a dynamic global network of R&D centers working on scientific research and product development. Our R&D engineers have rich knowledge for impactful scientific discoveries that advance the quality of our products. We work with engineering laboratories of top institute to continuously innovate our products.
Our factory
Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-ourfactory-img-1 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-ourfactory-img-2 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-ourfactory-img-3
Our lab
Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-ourlab-img-1 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-ourlab-img-2 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-ourlab-img-3
Our production line
Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-productline-img-1 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-productline-img-2 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-productline-img-3 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-productline-img-5 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-productline-img-6
Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-certificate-img-1 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-certificate-img-2 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-certificate-img-3 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-certificate-img-4 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-certificate-img-5 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-certificate-img-6 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-certificate-img-7 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-certificate-img-8 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-certificate-img-9 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-certificate-img-10 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-certificate-img-11 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-certificate-img-12
【Advance Notice】2023 Aquatech Amsterdam Convention & Exposition
November 6th-9th,2023 RAI Amsterdam
Aquatech Amsterdam is the world's leading trade exhibition for process, drinking and waste water. The exhibition is a unique concept in Europe with a 100% focus on water every two years.
【Advance Notice】2023 WQA Convention & Exposition
April 18-20, 2023,  Las Vegas Convention Center
Our Booth number is 757.
WQA Convention and Exposition, the Water Quality Association’s annual convention and exposition, is a one-step event that connects technologies,know-how, education, training, networking and business opportunities to multiple water industries.
【Advance Notice】 Middle East Dubai Water Exhibition-Dubai Energy and Environmental Protection Exhibition--WETEX
September 27th-29th,2022
Organizer: Dubai Water Association
Address: Dubai World Trade Center, United Arab Emirates
in the Middle East. Now it ranks among the top 3 water treatment exhibitions in the world.
2022 China Import and Export Fair
15th-24th, April 2022 ---Online
Due to the pandemic, the Canton fair is held online this time but that can't hold our passion back. We took our best-sellers to join the exhibition and we have arranged many live broadcasts to introduce our products in detail. Hope more customers know us via this fair.
Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-exhibitionshow-img-12 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-exhibitionshow-img-13 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-exhibitionshow-img-14
2022 WQA Convention & Exposition
April 06, 2022 - April 08, 2022 Orlando, Florida.
Our Booth number is 327.
We showed up with refrigerator filters, coffee filters, under sink filters, RO machines, commercial multi-stages, pitchers, etc for this exhibition, and we have over 100 new customers that came from the US, Mexico, Guatemala, and the UK, and so on. We finished the exhibition trip with great success.
Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-exhibitionshow-img-1 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-exhibitionshow-img-2 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-exhibitionshow-img-3
2021 Aquatech Amsterdam Convention & Exposition
November 2nd-5th, 2021 RAI Amsterdam
Our Booth number is 03.104.
It’s our first time attending Aquatech Exhibition. As a world-famous exhibition and was held every 2 years, we prepared a lot for it. And the result is awesome too! Our booth is filled with customers who are interested in our products from all over the world. We have received the information from over 200 companies. We can't wait for Aquatech 2023!
Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-exhibitionshow-img-7 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-exhibitionshow-img-8 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-exhibitionshow-img-9
2021 WQA Convention & Exposition
July 28th - 30th, 2021 Las Vegas Convention Center
Our Booth number is 757.
It’s our first time attending the WQA exhibition, we came with our various replacement filters and some filtration systems. The result is surprisingly great! We met many great companies and we have reached cooperation with some of them!
Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-exhibitionshow-img-4 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-exhibitionshow-img-5 Qingdao_Ecopure_Filter_Co-Water_filtration_manufacturer-exhibitionshow-img-6
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