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The honor of obtaining NSF certification

by Jessie Mu - Updated August 26, 2022
Recently, we have won another honor, and won the honorary medal of the authoritative certification of the National Sanitation Foundation for 8 consecutive years.

What do you know about NSF

The National Sanitation Foundation, NSF International, has been established for 70 years. It is currently a global leader in the field of public health safety and the environment. It has obtained NSF certification, which indicates that Qingdao Ecopure products are in the industry-leading position in the field of water treatment worldwide.
NSF is the most authoritative water wading certification body and a setter of water standards in the United States. Obtaining NSF certification means that Having NSF certification means that the product has a comprehensive and higher guarantee in terms of quality, performance, safety and reliability.

Impact of NSF certification on us

Products with NSF certification are equivalent to endorsement by three parties, which can make consumers more trusting in the quality of our products;Our products have been certified by multinational agencies including NSF in the United States for many years, including TÜV SÜD, WQA, UPC, WRAS, etc.These authoritative certifications can become a good promotional feature for us in marketing and publicity, helping us to enhance the popularity of our products and gain customers’ attention trust.
By 2020, we had successfully produced more than 12 million units, with 40 million units having been sold in over 25 countries, helping improve the overall drinking quality over 10 million families around the world. We sales to reach 1.1billion RMB in 2021.

Qingdao Ecopure Filter Co., Ltd.which products have achieved NSF certification

Qingdao Ecopure Filter Co., Ltd. now covers four series of products in the field of filtration system for home and business, which are countertop, undersink, whole house and outdoor filtration systems. Products are certificated by authority laboratory in the field of global professional water filtration, more than 30 products are certificated against NSF42/53/401/372. Recently, we research and develop many kinds of water filtration systems, among which, Undersink Reverse Osmosis Filtration System is certificated against NSF etc. Water filtration products of other series are launched as well and are popular on the market.we are a professional water purification solution provider.
World Quality Water Treatment Products -- Refrigerator Replacement Filters, Outdoor Water Purifiers, Whole House Water Purifiers, Water Purifiers, Water Softeners, at Qingdao Ecopure Filter Co., Ltd.
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